La cantina, situata nel cuore dell’appennino centro meridionale, è una testimonianza della vera vocazione del territorio per l’ottenimento di ottimi prodotti agricoli, un elegante connubio di pratiche antiche e moderne, un territorio amato e rispettato per la sua autenticità.

Committed to crafting a selection of wines in bespoke hillside estates in Molise, central Italy, Campi Valerio is a flourishing cult winery producing wines whose characteristics represent their terroir and promote the indigenous grape varieties of the region. It is a testimony to the true vocation of the territory in yielding excellent agricultural produce. An elegant combination of ancient and modern practices. A land rich in history and values; an ideal territory for harvesting vines. An integral part of the company’s vision is its commitment to operating in a responsible and sustainable manner, employing ecological growing practices alongside technology and know-how.